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C Stokes Verified TTC Kit Customer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Review left on Aug 01, 2019

It really works!

So, I received the 2 month free trial kit and I've started taking the vitamin supplements it hasn't even been a full month yet and I am proud to say we are pregnant after about 5 months of trying and less than one month of using the free trial kit I'm so happy I could cry. Don't give up soon to be moms cause this really works

Nikitra Bradwell Verified TTC Kit Customer

Jacksonville, Florida

Review left on Jul 26, 2019

Tired of trying

We had been trying to have a baby for two years. I tried this then boom🤰🏾After the first month. Now he’s 3 years old. Tired it again now I have a 2 year ol. It really work

Claudia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Lancaster , California

Review left on Jul 25, 2019


I have a question did any of u ladies have any spotting I took it June 19 stopped July 15 cause my dr put me on clomid but since the 23,24 of July I’ve been spotting light light brown and it’s not the clomid I took a pregnancy test came back negative need info ?

Courtney snyder Verified TTC Kit Customer

Lancatser, Pennsylvania

Review left on Jul 19, 2019

Yet to receive my kit

I ordered my kit a while ago and have yet to receive it I payed for the fast shipping it was supposed to be here by now but still no kit!

Makayla Brown Verified TTC Kit Customer

Hayti, Missouri

Review left on Jul 16, 2019

Just started

I just got my package yesterday and started taking the pills right away ! Can’t wait until I get great results!!

Hope Verified TTC Kit Customer

, Georgia

Review left on Jul 15, 2019

Hoping for the best

After reading several reviews on this kit I decided to purchase today. I have been TTC for years with no luck! I also have a VERY irregular period and I’ve been very discouraged over the past couple of years feeling like I can not have children. Hopefully this kit works as good as everyone says it does!! Fingers crossed!

Jolonda Brim Verified TTC Kit Customer

Dalton, Georgia

Review left on Jul 14, 2019


I have been trying to get pregnant when I was 22

Tammy Rodriguez Verified TTC Kit Customer

Conyers, Georgia

Review left on Jul 13, 2019

I see it comes with two pill bottles are the blue bottle for the man and pink bottle for me

Janae Verified TTC Kit Customer

Hayti, Missouri

Review left on Jul 06, 2019

Just ordered

I just ordered my kit can’t wait to receive it and start using it

Rachael Verified TTC Kit Customer

Midvale, Utah

Review left on Jul 06, 2019

Does it work

I just ordered mine today I have pcos been trying for 7 years how many pills a day do u take or is it just thru ur cycle