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Shanae C Verified TTC Kit Customer

Colombus, Georgia

Review left on Mar 25, 2019

Super psyched

This is a great kit. It is very affordable, especially for those of us that test wayyy too early and you can use all these awesome free tests. I got a faint positive pregnancy test 9 days after I ovulated after taking the pills for about 7 weeks! Super psyched.

Susie Verified TTC Kit Customer

Caryville, Tennessee

Review left on Mar 20, 2019

Love this kit

Me and my husband are trying to conceive. We love this kit because it keeps us on track and with the ovulation tests we are now aware of when I'm ovulating!

clearbluesky Verified TTC Kit Customer

Dorchester, Massachusetts

Review left on Mar 19, 2019


My husband and I had been TTC for 1.5 years. I used the Ovia phone app to predict my fertile time and was banking on that working. Finally, after the disappointment getting worse after each month passed when my period came I decided this kit was worth a shot before we tried IVF. I started the pills right away and started testing my ovulation for the first time officially. And guess what? My Ovia app was off my 3 days! Fast forward, and I found myself super antsy to take a pregnancy test to see if this time it worked. To my surprise, I got 2 pink lines! Took 2 more, positive and positive!! OH BABY!

Janelle Verified TTC Kit Customer

Sierra Blanca, Texas

Review left on Mar 18, 2019

Just got it. Lets see if it works.

I have read all of the awesome reviews of people getting pregnant. I have tried for nearly 2 years n im hoping this really works. Fingers crossed yall. Prayers yall. Im glad i got recommend this.

Karissa Verified TTC Kit Customer

Williamson, New York

Review left on Mar 18, 2019

I'm one month late

I'm one month late witch isn't shocking due to pcos got the kit took the pill for one week so far and now I'm ovulating!! You guys dont understand how happy I am knowing I'm freaking ovulating lol. I had a miscarriage two years ago we been trying since last year hope this kit works for me and I get a BFP!!!

gloria Verified TTC Kit Customer

Carlsbad, New Mexico

Review left on Mar 15, 2019

love it

do you know how much i loooooove this kit? i had tryed another pill that cost about the same monthly but then i found this kit and for the same price im getting 20 tests with it for free! do you know how much ovulation testers cost at the store? they are like $13 for 2 of them! and i get 20. they work really great so far, very dark lines, so will update more good news soon.

Kimmy P Verified TTC Kit Customer

Lewisville, Texas

Review left on Mar 10, 2019


We're expecting twins!!👶🏻👶🏻

Canisha Verified TTC Kit Customer

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Review left on Mar 08, 2019

Skeptical? Works!

I read all the reviews of people saying they got pregnant using this Kit and I was skeptical. But the 2nd month we used this (after trying for almost 2 years), I got pregnant. We've already said if or when we try for another baby, we'd buy this kit again. I would recommend getting 20 ovulation predictor kits (what we did) so you're aware when you ovulate for the best chance.

Sally Verified TTC Kit Customer

Memphis, Tennessee

Review left on Mar 07, 2019


When you're ttc, you will search out pretty much any product that offers to help the process along. But reading some of these reviews, I think maybe people expect this to be a miracle, cure-all, so to speak. So I will say, I had been taking it for about 4 months, unsure whether to continue. My cycle was more regular, and I saw more CM but I was about to give up.... And then.... a positive HPT ++++++ So stick with it!

Crystal H Verified TTC Kit Customer

Portland, Oregon

Review left on Mar 07, 2019


This kit worked perfectly. For the first three months that I tracked ovulation, I just got pale lines. I was a little disappointed, but didn't stop tracking and kept taking the pills faithfully. Three months after stopping birth control pills, finally I received two solid lines of LH surge. So the body needs time to ovulate and regulate hormone levels after stopping bc pills... and now i'm happy to say we just got our positive pregnancy test!!*!*!**!