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Tess Verified TTC Kit Customer

Oakwood, Georgia

Review left on Apr 14, 2020

Great Product

My husband and I have been TTC for four years and I had always heard if you had regular periods each month there should be no issue. Well there was some sort of issue, I mean four years! I heard and read people talk about egg white cm and watery cm, pretty much fertile cm. I never had that, until I started taking these. I had tried to track fertility but would only be able to catch a couple days each month. Once I began my first bottle, I almost immediately saw a difference. I had egg white cm and watery cm!!!! Finally fertile cm. I could also tell a difference during sex with my cm. I made it through the first bottle able to track ovulation and I would ovulate for a full five days 😱! Two weeks or so into the second bottle, I began having extremely tender breasts and though I hadn’t missed any periods, I had one coming up in one day. Or so I thought. Someone asked if I had started yet, we had synced up and she had already started. So it got me thinking about these ridiculously sore breasts and decided to take a test or five haha. And what do you know. I’m pregnant!! My first appointment is next week and I am beyond excited!!

Alice Duenas Verified TTC Kit Customer

Kerman, California

Review left on Dec 29, 2019

Been taking these pills for 6 days

Been taking these pills for 6 days now and I’ve had positive ovulation tests ... I have pcos I’ve had for almost 3 Years I do Have 2 children 13 and 8 and I had a Miscarriage in July of this year I was about 3 moths we’ve been trying since September I hope this works .. and positive stories taking this?? Look me up on Facebook so we can share our stories

Sandra A Verified TTC Kit Customer

Buffalo, Iowa

Review left on Dec 29, 2019

PCOS and pregnant

I purchased this product back in November, took it for about 2 weeks and got my first positive pregnancy!! I was super excited because I have PCOS and was having a hard time getting pregnant.

tessa Verified TTC Kit Customer

Pelion, South Carolina

Review left on Dec 29, 2019

Just startin

I just start taking these, so I don't know if it's working or not .. But I'll give y'all a update...

holliday Verified TTC Kit Customer

Alice, Texas

Review left on Dec 28, 2019

4 years trying

I love this after 4 years of just trying to ovulate I did for 3 days straight hopfully we will conceive this month

Tashia Moss Verified TTC Kit Customer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Review left on Dec 27, 2019


I have tried doctors after doctors and prescriptions after prescriptions only to find this and I've only been taking it two weeks so far and already having a period, that was nonexistent with PCOS

Sharita Mejia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Review left on Dec 26, 2019

More mucus

I saw an incredible increase of cervical mucus in the first couple of days

christine Verified TTC Kit Customer

Mission, Texas

Review left on Dec 25, 2019


This 41 year old got preggo after 2 months using only one bottle. Merry Christmas!!!

Haley Knight Verified TTC Kit Customer

Sacramento, California

Review left on Dec 23, 2019

My period came back

After having my son my period didn't come back. I stopped nursing when he was 14 months thinking that was the issue, but 3 months later, still no period. I started to stress out because we want more children and concerned as I'm in my mid 30's. I ordered these and did not even finish the bottle and my period came back! I was SO relieved and excited! Highly recommend

mallory martinez Verified TTC Kit Customer

Eustis, Florida

Review left on Dec 22, 2019

TTC Kit review

I have been taking this vitamin for about a month. My cycle was more regular this month. I like that it has quality vitamins in it. The packaging is very nice and the pills are easy to swallow. I will post an update in a couple of months.