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Kitty Verified TTC Kit Customer

Tacoma, Washington

Review left on Feb 17, 2019

so happy

Me and my husband been trying for over a year every month with no positive pregnancy test. Been so frustrated I ordered this kit - my best girlfriend raved about it. 3 months in and I got pregnant! This is the only thing we changed in our TTC routine. I can't believe it and Im so happy.

Denise M Verified TTC Kit Customer

Madison, Mississippi

Review left on Feb 16, 2019

Great kit

This Kit is great! My husband and I started TTC without this using anything. We were unsuccessful for 5 months so I ordered this Kit since it came with pregnancy and ovulation tests and figured I needed to learn about how ovulation works. I took the first 2 bottles and on my 2nd cycle TTC with it, I got pregnant! I am now almost 15 weeks pregnant.

wondergirl Verified TTC Kit Customer

Bradenton, Florida

Review left on Feb 15, 2019

17 weeks

This Kit did wonders for me. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a few years now but no success. I faithfully took both of the first bottles, was ready to get the next kit in the mail, and then I got pregnant. I swear I could not believe it. But now I am 17 weeks pregnant.

bobbie jo Verified TTC Kit Customer

Birmingham, Alabama

Review left on Feb 09, 2019


i never ever ever write reviews, this is my first. i had my paragard iud removed 7 months ago and have been trying to have a baby ever since. every month af came, no baby. i decided to give this kit a try since i didnt have any success anyways. guess what? here i am 3 months later, PREGNANT. me and my hubby are so grateful.

FallenAngel Verified TTC Kit Customer

Boynton Beach, Florida

Review left on Feb 09, 2019

First month conceived

We had been trying for almost a year before I decided to finally try this kit. We bought it b/c my friend swore by it and the first month using them we also conceived! I was amazed.

mybabyjourney Verified TTC Kit Customer

Hilliard, Ohio

Review left on Feb 03, 2019

i'm late!

Started the product a month ago. My cycle is late but the pregnancy test was negative it's possible I tested too early I have all the early pregnancy symptoms! Tired, nauseous, sore boobs. Fingers crossed I get a positive test next week!

S Barnett Verified TTC Kit Customer

Morrison, Tennessee

Review left on Feb 02, 2019


First time trying these. I was between this kit and another popular brand but the reviews for these were really great so decided to try. I started taking last month and I did not finish the pink bottle because I got a BFP!!! My husband and I had been trying for 14 months with no luck. Happy I chose these.

CatWoman Verified TTC Kit Customer

Chesterfield, Virginia

Review left on Feb 01, 2019


Got pregnant a few months after buying this!

jocelyn hamish Verified TTC Kit Customer

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Review left on Jan 31, 2019

good kit

just got the kit and i love all the stuff you get. the free tests are awesome - i'm ovulating, so tstarted with an opk right away and it worked great. started the pills too.w ill keep youp osted.

Ira B Verified TTC Kit Customer

Miami, Florida

Review left on Jan 31, 2019


Amazing stuff!